Manifesto 2004

 Scott Ogier     St. Sampsons

 Proposed by Mrs. Sheila Elmy and seconded by Mr. Albert Perrio

Dear Elector,

Waste IncinerationThis method is currently losing favour in the UK and has gone out of favour in Europe. It has proved to be inefficient and wasteful. We should not be saddled with some physically enormous and vastly expensive solution when our larger neighbours have already moved on. I don’t want to see unseparated waste being burnt, as rubbish contains plastic, paper, cardboard, and compostable material which can be re-used. I believe we should have a door-step recycling scheme which would cut waste being sent to landfill significantly. It is more efficient to have one truck collecting the recycling from a thousand people than a thousand cars driving down to a recycling depot.

Such recycling schemes have just become mandatory in the UK and Europe has had them for years. Once installed and running we could re-assess the remaining waste tonnage needing disposal. Due to the constraints of our island home we may unfortunately need to install an incinerator of some size. Let’s make sure it’s smaller, lower, less of an eyesore, less wasteful, releases fewer harmful emissions and most definitely cheaper.

It is vital on an island our size that we watch our expenditure especially with so many upcoming capital projects. Kerbside recycling would not cost us 80 million pounds.


Guernsey is a beautiful island with beautiful beaches and we are incredibly lucky to live here. Unfortunately many of our beaches do not meet basic water cleanliness standards. This is because we continue to pump effluent from 60,000 people into the waters that surround where we live. This needs to change. It is past time to stop flushing waste onto our beaches even if it is macerated so you cannot recognize it.


An enormous amount of work has gone into producing the school development program. It is vital that we stick by this plan and see the implementation of some first rate educational facilities for our children. Our children should be and will be given the best education.


We are one of the few places left in Europe where women can be paid less than men for doing the same work. This needs to be rectified and I would work towards this end.

There are also many unique issues facing us as a parish; the Leale’s yard re-development plan which must not divert shoppers from the main bridge shop front but attract new shoppers to the area, the Belle Greve vinery housing project, the proposed school at Les Nicolles and the potential access and traffic issues it raises for the local inhabitants, bullying at our schools – the victims should not have to leave school and miss their education. We also have a new marina flanked in theory by the eyesore that is our power station on one side and the proposed 100 ft high incinerator on the other. We need better integration planning than this.

For us on the island it is a time of considerable capital expenditure, whilst facing a future which due to the abolishment of corporation tax and increased competition from other offshore areas and new legislation from Europe is looking financially uncertain.

Having worked in both the finance and manufacturing sectors but naturally tending towards social and environmental issues I take a balanced view between financial security for the island and social progress. I am hard working, honest, truthful and full of ideas and I ask you to allow me to represent you by placing a vote for me on the 21st April.

I am visiting every household on the electoral roll, if you were out when I called or if I missed you for some reason and you have questions or comments please contact me.


  1. Hi Scott,
    Just remembered how the collection of rubbish was solved 15 years ago in New Zealand where we used to live. Each household was provided with a green plastic bin in which we placed paper and plastic. Once a week they collected it for free. At the same time general waste was collected in special black plastic bags which we had to buy. It could only be placed in these bags, no other. Naturally, it was cheaper to sort rubbish and recycle, if recycled waste was taken out of your house for free, all you needed to do was to put it outside with your other rubbish on the day while you paid for every bag of unsorted waste. Also, people were asked to separate paper from plastic, if it was not separated the bin would be left in front of your house. It would be easy to provide different coloured bins for people in Guernsey and collect it like this. What are we waiting for? I would be the first one to help with organising this scheme if you ever need help to pull this project of the ground and I am sure I am not the only one!

    • That sounds like a sensible setup, hopefully we will get something similar or something which has the same financial incentives to recycle along with the environmental and moral ones 🙂 We are waiting for the 2012 government elections to be over and we will get straight on it! As soon as possible

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