My name is Scott Ogier

I was born in Guernsey 47 years ago and grew up around L’Islet and Baubigny. Educated at Capelles Junior School and Elizabeth College,  I worked in IT in the finance industry before moving to manufacturing. I spent three years IT contracting in the UK and Europe. My wife Rebecca and I have three little girls.

In my spare time I enjoy the beach in the summer with my family and reading when I have the time.

I support the following organizations:

National Trust              World Wildlife Fund                 Avaaz

RSPB                           Woodland Trust                      NSPCC

I was elected to the States in 2004 and served on Social Security, Public Accounts Committee and Public Services Department (PSD)

My first action upon election in 2004 was to bring a successful requete to halt the procurement of a 70,000 tonne Incinerator.   This large incinerator would have destroyed our ability to increase the amount we recycle.

Since then I have been busy helping to formulate a new waste strategy to bring back to the States which would be acceptable to the people of Guernsey and States members and give us a modern and responsible way to deal with the waste our society produces.

We currently have 32,000 tonnes of waste going to landfill and we plan to have 16,000 tonnes of residual waste after we hit our new 70% recycling rate.  This is ambitious but achievable and a far cry from the 70,000 tonne mass burn incinerator we would have had. While we are getting on with the business of increasing our recyling and minimising our residual waste, we will look to export what is left over. Jersey is looking like the front runner but we are also looking further afield.

I have also been busy bringing forward the States Energy Policy Plan and working on expediting plans for macro renewable energy from the waters surrounding our island.

I worked on Social Security’s fundamental review of Supplementary Benefit and  I chair a number of PSD sub groups and recently went onto the Education Department to help improve the education for our children after poor results were posted from some secondary schools.

Having served eight years in the States I have the experience and the enthusiasm for the tasks ahead and as I was fortunate enough to be reelected I will continue working hard for Guernsey.

In 2012 after being elected to my third term I joined the Public Services Department once more and the Scrutiny Committee


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