Posted by: Deputy Ogier | May 11, 2012

Elections over

What in incredible day, I say day but I really mean morning; it was all over so quickly. An event which would take all day in the old Assemblies went through with barely a ripple. Whether this is a mark of a new streamlined corporate approach or a symptom of political inexperience may be exposed in due course but from where I am sitting it looks to me like the first opening moves of a new purposeful Assembly.

Since the new machinery of government changes in 2004 we have not had the Ministers and Chairmen nominations go through completely unamended. The records will need to be checked but I find it difficult to believe there has been an election to fill States committees before 2004 where the chairs of committees did not receive a few unsought guests.

What this means is that there is no excuse. There should be clear accountability. The teams have been carefully picked by the Ministers and Chairpersons to work well together and to match skill sets with departmental and committee needs.

Everything is now set, we have 6 new Ministers, 4 new chairpersons and 22 new States members. If ever there was a clear-out this has been it. This is a change of government of revolutionary proportions, the old swept away and a fresh new wave of enthusiastic, dedicated States members parachuted in by the electorate to bring about meaningful change.

Somewhat tongue in cheek this change is being called the ‘Sarnian spring’ by some politicians and observers. As changes of government go, replacing nearly half the members in one fell swoop is pretty revolutionary. This has been achieved through the legitimate democratic process without bloodshed, rancour or instability. As an advert for the concept of democracy its pretty resounding. The people of Guernsey wanted wholesale change; that has been delivered.

Viva la revolution.

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