Posted by: Deputy Ogier | March 17, 2012



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I have put my manifestos above so you can see what I have said down the years and maybe compare what I said I would try to do with what I have achieved.

Sometimes it’s like trying to steer a super tanker with 47 pairs of hands on the wheel!

People warned me things wouldn’t change overnight and they were right; I am often dismayed by the slow pace of change.

Despite this however, we do have new schools built, a new Hospital wing and a new waste strategy based around high recycling so there are some positives.

This coming term we will need to eliminate the £27m structural deficit or ‘black hole’. It is intended that efficiency savings will largely eliminate this deficit: up to £31m per year by 2015 through the Financial Transformation Program, £6.5m of that this year. Indirect taxes are an option, but in my view the people of Guernsey have already done their bit with wastewater charges, waste charges & increased social security contributions. We must reduce our deficit in a way which does not impact on islanders indiscriminately by ensuring that we target individuals and companies most able to contribute and that is NOT through GST.

I am happy to take any questions and my contact tab above will let you know how to get hold of me.

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